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Cinnamon-Peach Ganache Tarts

Posted by osakaben41 on September 28, 2009

Cinnamon Peach Tarts1

This was a quick experiment in making flavor infused chocolate ganache.  As a technique, it’s fairly simple.  A standard ganache is just adding some warmed heavy cream to chopped pieces of chocolate until it’s all melted together.  Here we’re just adding something to the cream to add a little kick before straining it over the chocolate.  This works well with coffee, or lavender (with white chocolate).  The other day, while researching Macarons, I came across the idea of a Cinnamon-Peach Ganache, from Syrup & Tang.Cinnamon Peach Tart2Without making a big to-do out of this, I just wanted to see how the taste would work, so I went back to what was a very successful project from The Sweet Spot, and ripped out some chocolate Pate Sable crusts, and baked ganache filling. 

The cream was steeped with a stick of Cinnamon and half a roasted peach, blended up in a mixer, then strained over the chocolate.  The flavor was more subtle than I would have liked, with the Cinnamon relegated to a faint afterthought.  If you didn’t know to look for the peach, you’d probably only guess that something was slightly different here, if you could just put your finger on it.  I’m guessing white chocolate would have allowed this to come through more, but my dark chocolate just swallowed it up.

Best use of left-overs Ever

Best use of left-overs Ever

I ended up with more filling than I had shells to fill, so just threw the left over into ramekins and baked them in a water bath.  They went very well with some thin slices of peach, just to highlight what we were shooting for, but I can imagine this working better for small truffles, than for tarts.   Call it a baby-step in the direction of more Tea-infused experiments.

One Response to “Cinnamon-Peach Ganache Tarts”

  1. Nicole said

    Oo, this looks very good. I like making flavored ganache, but I’ve yet to try this flavor combo.

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