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Elvis Macarons (Mac Attack III)

Posted by osakaben41 on January 10, 2010

I’m a sucker for a decent online challenge, so when I came across the new MacTweets site, I just had to put something together. The rules for this round are


A good part of the appeal was the excuse to keep practicing something that I’d ruined at least 8 or 9 times but have recently gotten marginally proficient at.  Beyond that, I’ve had the Macaron fever for some time now, imagining different flavors when perhaps I should spend more time working.  Some people go to bed haunted by visions of tetris blocks falling, I’ve been seeing new uses for Chamomile, Poppy Seeds, and yes Bacon.

The original inspiration came from a visit some time ago to the NY restaurant Peanut Butter & Co.  Peanut Butter banana and bacon is the kind of thing that I would not have thought of on my own, but if its good enough for the King, well how bad could it really be.  The first thought involved Peanut shells with a banana mousse with bacon bits mixed in.  Now, I could imagine mixing these three things together, but something about bacon and cream was turning me off.  Besides, if we’re looking for a real banana flavor, it’s hard to beat unadorned slices of banana.

I had also thought of toping the shells with the bacon if only to make them more visually arresting, but was worried the grease would ruin them.  When it came time to test drive these though, the universal first reaction seemed to be, “Oh god, really?  well I suppose I should try it”.  They actually tasted pretty good (needed more bacon perhaps), but this got me thinking that this might have been a case for being more sly.  I’d rather people come to these expecting one thing only to be surprised, than for them to come in reluctantly only to be less dissapointed.  (“what an interesting flavor, what’s that secret ingredient?”)

I had a bunch of peanut shells left over though, so put together a few other combos just for poops and giggles.

Fluffer-Nutter Macarons, with legitimate store bought Fluff.  I thought about making my own marshmallow filling, but to stay true to the campy cheeziness of a real Fluffer-nutter I needed the real deal.

My first legitimate Fluff experience


Apple Compote / Peanut Macarons, with memories of apple slices used to scoop giant dollops of Skippy straight from the jar.

More than anything this seemed like a no-brainer, with the left-over apple filling from the Danish.  I was actually very pleased with these, though would note for future reference that they need to be filled only right before being eaten.  The syrup started to make for soggy shells.

Lastly, in the spirit of a simple and obvious, I had to fill a few shells with jam for a straight PB&J Mac.  I thought they’d be far too sweet, but actually worked out pretty well, provided we use a gentle hand with the jam.

Likewise, there’s something attractive about the idea of keeping shells ready to be filled with whatever is on hand when you need something small and sweet.

So a big thanks to Jamie and Deeba for putting this all together.  Can’t wait to see what everybody else did in the roundup.

5 Responses to “Elvis Macarons (Mac Attack III)”

  1. Jamie said

    Oh fabulous! And I have to tell you that when I was a kid I loved peanut butter, banana and salami sandwiches so this flavor combo in the oh-so elegant mac is brilliant and I so want to try it! So glad you participated and congratulations on gorgeous, perfect macarons! Yay for you and what a great mac to add to our list!

    • osakaben41 said

      Thanks guys. As a kid one of my favorite treats was rolled up slice of bologna with peanut butter stuffing, but that just seemed too much for this challenge. Looking forward to the round up.

  2. deeba said

    Awesome job you’ve done here Ben! WOW…you got some great looking macs with pretty feet. I love the ‘new’ you got in here, and love the array lined up! Thank you for joining us at Mactweets! Can’t wait for the round up either. This is fun!!

  3. I think I just discovered my favorite mac flavor ever. Well done!

  4. Just wild! Love the PB & J’s – filled mine with marmalade and you are so right about light hand (which I ain’t got) and almost instant sogginess (which I did get)! Nice job! :-))

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