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Cherry Almond Financier

Posted by osakaben41 on January 23, 2010

For better or worse the January Daring Bakers Challenge (to be posted on the 27th, the official “reveal date”) took a lot out of me, lots of components, new techniques, big fun.  I love these large complicated projects, but needed something ‘one-note’ to clean the palette.

The hope was to try to recreate what I thought was a new idea, but as with so many things had already been done, and done better by Aran at Cannelle et Vanilla, Candied Kumquat and Pistachio Financiers.  For some reason though I’ve had the hardest time finding Kumquats.  After the 5th place I tried over three days proved fruitless (bad pun intended), I abandoned the plan and went instead with an Almond Cherry approach.  

A quick search for recipes brought me to a great site I hadn’t seen before, Always Order Dessert.  Fairly quick thing to put together, and I had my mini-financier molds that I gave myself for Christmas (no really, you shouldn’t have).

Of course, unable to live with a “one note” project, I ripped out a quick tarragon creme anglaise for dipping.  

Overall, very happy with how these turned out.  Delicate, one bite, perfect with a cup a coffee.  Now if only I could find me some kumquats…

3 Responses to “Cherry Almond Financier”

  1. LauraJ said

    Huh, I swear I saw kumquats at Roche on Sunday. Near the apple cider samples maybe? The cherry almond version looks great though!

  2. osakaben41 said

    Two different Whole Foods, Harvest Co-op, my North End fruit guy (yeah that’s right, I have a guy) and all the fruit venders at Haymarket and I still came up empty. Next time it’s straight to Roche.

  3. […] approach at an oldie but goodie foodie blog for a cardamom chocolate custard.  I’ve made an anglaise before, and while there are still a million variations I still want to try, I hadn’t gone chocolate […]

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