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Cherry & Chocolate-Port Macs – MacAttack IV

Posted by osakaben41 on February 6, 2010

Happy to have the MacTweet crowd out there as a monthly reminder to keep sharp and practice practice practice on my macaron technique.  The beauty and joy of this exercise is that after some of the more involved projects, it’s refreshing to come back to a two-note treat. What two flavors go well together in a two-bite cookie? 

With instructions to put out a Valentine’s Day Macaron, I found inspiration in a recent Bon Appetite article, raided the pantry and wine cellar (closet in the basement that is), and landed on a Cherry flavored shell stuffed with a Chocolate-Port ganache.  I love a good Macaron as much as the next guy, but this ganache is just awesome.  The port on its own is already so sweet, but with some dark chocolate, it comes through just downright elegant.

Helen at Tartlette had some interesting tips on how to ‘paint’ her shells, so I took a swing this time.  Where she made some strong coffee, I reduced half a cup of port to a nice sauce consistency.  Perhaps a bit over-reduced as it turns out, as the ‘paint’ remained deliciously sticky long afterwards.  The shells held up well, and the reduction tasted fantastic, but made for some packaging / storing problems. 

The Cherry flavor came from a Cherry powder I found recently, but without a recipe to rely on, I may have gone a little light with it.  Next time, I’d easily double the 1 tsp I used to get some more Pop out of these.  Otherwise, I’ve had decent success with the French method lately, so I’m sticking with it. 

So a very happy early Valentines day to one and all.  Can’t wait to see what everybody else came up with.

8 Responses to “Cherry & Chocolate-Port Macs – MacAttack IV”

  1. deeba said

    Fabulous. What a gorgeous flavour combination you picked. I can literally sense the depth of flavours within. You’ve mastered the art of macarons beautifully. I’m envious of your cherry powder…WOW!!
    Thank you for joining us at MacTweets. It’s truly wonderful to have you there!!

  2. Jamie said

    Cherry powder? Totally cool! And these are beautiful, pastry-shop quality macs and lovely for Valentine’s Day. Very intriguing, romantic flavors! So glad to have you making macs with us and inspiring us with this kind of creativity!

  3. Oh wow, what great flavors – I can almost taste the cherry powder. They look beautiful the little port reduction dots.

  4. edwardkimuk said

    These look wonderful and sound divine, im with you about the practice, its the main reason I joined mactweets. Your site is wonderful so many wonderful treats definitely adding you to my feed reader.

  5. Cristie said

    Truely beautiful work. The decor on the top is stunning. Flavors are well matched. Lovely.

  6. osakaben41 said

    Thanks for the kind thoughts Edward and Cristie. The good news for us Mac-Freaks, apparently “Macarons are the new Cupcake” according to NPR.

  7. Meeta said

    oooh ben these look soo good! love the flavors you have used! nice to see you making macarons too!

  8. […] shells got a tsp and 1/2 of Mango powder that I found online.  I tried something similar with cherry powder last month with weak results.  At this point though, I’m giving up on the powders, at least […]

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