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Checkerboard Icebox Cookies

Posted by osakaben41 on February 11, 2010

My daughter turns 4 soon, and while we’re working on a small party for a her friends, her school does something called “the birthday walk”.  Each kid, on or near their birthday, walks in a circle around their class the number of years they are, singing, “the earth goes ’round the sun, the earth goes ’round the sun.  All year long, the earth goes ’round the sun.” 

…and then they give out cookies.

Now any father worth his salt would take this as a challenge.  Chocolate chip dough from a tube would probably be just fine for these kids, maybe even more so than fancy-pants french macarons.  Still, I can’t fight the urge to send her in with something different.

These come from Wayne Gisslen’s Professional Baking, but were written up as chocolate/vanilla cookies.  My girl loves pink though, so with a little extract and food coloring, we turned these into Lemon-Raspberry Checkerboard Icebox cookies.

They turned out great, though Gisslen recommends cutting the sugar down so as to ‘reduce spread’.  As a result, they could stand to be a touch sweeter.  These aren’t going down with a cup of coffee and the Sunday Style section of the Times after all.  Maybe I’ll drip them in some quick icing on one side.  (Reviews to be posted after the kids have at ’em)

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