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Lemon Ginger floating Macarons – MacAttack IV

Posted by osakaben41 on April 5, 2010

That time once again for all Mac-obsessed bakers to strap in and get with the piping.  Our challenge this month was to base a macaron on an April Holiday.  My son turns two on the 5th, but you have no idea how hard it is to make Thomas the train macarons.  In Boston we celebrate Patriot’s day, so thought of a red/white/blue cookie, but it seemed too obvious.  Rather, I went with an April Fools day approach.

The idea was to make macs with an ‘invisible’ center, in this case a clear lemonade jelly.  I couldn’t get the jelly to be totally translucent, though it came pretty close, given a certain thickness.

The shells were your standard macaron recipe, but with some powdered ginger thrown in, decorated with some candied lemon peel.  I wanted to try making these much more petite and bite sized, partially to avoid giant bites of jelly, but mostly just to practice a different type of piping.

Overall, it was fun to try something new, but given a choice, I’d have to go with a ganache filled mac 9 times out of 10.  The jelly may have been a bit too rubbery this time, though it tasted pretty good, and was big fun to cut up and play with.  It’s worth noting, now that spring is upon us, the secret to good lemonade is to add a pinch of salt.  Really brings out the lemon flavor in a surprising way.

So a hearty thanks once again to Deeba & Jamie and the folks over at MacTweets.  Always appreciate an excuse to play around with these.  Can’t wait for the round-up.


11 Responses to “Lemon Ginger floating Macarons – MacAttack IV”

  1. deeba said

    Oh these are far too cool Ben! I love the take on April Fool’s! What a great great idea!! happy birthday to your little fellow! Thank you for mac-cing with us at MacTweets. It’s wonderful to have you there!!

  2. Abby said

    Nice idea! I’m sure there are some other cool ways to use that jelly in its more-hardened state….

  3. juliana said

    amaizing invisible macarons!

  4. The Incredible Floating Macaron Center!

    I’m sold.

  5. sana said

    amazing macarons with the invisible fylling!!

  6. What a superb combo – I would love it. My kids would love it….You’ll have to give Thomas the Tank Engine ones a try. Let me know when you do it ok? And thanks for the Lemonade tip (adding salt)

  7. Tiffany said

    VERY creative! Love it!

  8. osakaben41 said

    Thanks everybody. The idea really came from “So Good…” Magazine:
    Where they seem to always throw a little special jelly on a plate as a garnish. Why not Lemonade instead? I’m sure theirs would be much lighter, more delicate, but mine ended up a bit more jiggly then hoped for. For reference sake, my formula was roughly 300 g of lemonade to 16 g of powdered gelatin, bloomed in some water first, It’s worth cutting this down even more if you’re feeling intrepid

  9. Bonnie said

    Love the petite,pretty lemon macs with or without the jelly.

  10. Oh wow.. these are just beyond cool!

  11. K said

    I just came across this article, and thought you’d appreciate it, if you haven’t already seen it of course!

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